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Reserve para la graduación del Instituto de Liderazgo de la Comunidad el 26 de Abril

RSVP for Grassroots Leadership Institute graduation day April 26!

Soon to be graduates of the Grassroots Leadership Institute 2013-14
Pronto serán graduados del Instituto de Liderazgo de la Comunidad 2013-14

Todos están invitados a celebrar la graduación de participantes del Instituto de Liderazgo de CSIO de 2013-14. Tendremos la ceremonia el sabado 26 de Abril de 12:00 p.m. a 1:30 p.m. en el edificio de CSIO, 89 South Street 2do piso.

All are invited to help celebrate the graduation of the 2013-14 Grassroots Leadership Institute participants. The Ceremony will be held Saturday, April 26 from 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. in CSIO’s building, 89 South Street 2nd floor conference room.

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Conectese a la página del " Institutos de Liderago de la Comundiad anteriores" para ver la lista de grupos participantes desde el 2011

Apriete aqui para más información del contenido y estructrura del Instituto de Liderazgo de la Comunidad

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The mission of the Center to Support Immigrant Organizing (CSIO) is to support and help develop the work of individuals, groups, organizations and communities dedicated to organizing immigrants around the issues that affect their lives. Our goal is to help immigrants in the forefront of community and workplace struggles to develop their power and leadership not only to succeed in their immediate context, but also to contribute to the broader effort to build a more just and democratic society.

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